Opulentus – The Visa Company is renowned as a prominent immigration consulting company. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been led by experts having vast experience and expertise in immigration laws and services. The company was established with an aim of achieving success in every immigration case. Opulentus team has taken an oath to lend a hand and direct people who wish to migrate overseas and settle abroad.

Opulentus – Vast Experience In Immigration Arena

Having enormous experience in the arena of immigration, the company and its entire team follows a pattern of ethical practice. Thus, all employees abide by the ethical values of the company with compromising in our principles. Every employee at Opulentus strives to maintain the standards set by the company and being maintained for years together. Our primary focus is on guiding and assisting aspirants in acquiring their respective visas successfully. Work environment at Opulentus features accuracy and unbiased nature without any scope for misguidance and misleading activities.

We understand the importance of choosing the best Immigration immigration destination. Thus immigration aspirants are advised by our team of advisors on options available to them based on their eligibility. Most of the times, choosing the best available option to move abroad can make a lot of difference and tremendously enhance the success of professional immigrant.

Opulentus – Offering Expert Assistance

Teams of immigration process specialists for each country or each domain takes up application processes of their concerned country. Thus, offering more precise assistance with documentation and this is believed to be the key to most success stories. As each process specialist at Opulentus is exclusively dedicated to particular country and is exclusively specialized in the immigration process of one nation, processing of the concerned immigration application can be more precise.

Opulentus also updates itself regularly with dynamic immigration policies of countries across the globe. Immigration policies, processes and requirements of several countries are usually dynamic and keep changing constantly. Thanks to Opulentus research team who keeps a regular update of such changes.

Opulentus provides services to more number of immigration aspirants

Opulentus – The visa company is extending its services over metropolitan cities of the India to provide access to every immigration aspirant who wish to have guidance from a trust worthy immigration consultant for their travel to foreign country.

Opulentus has been serving the immigrant aspirants since its inception in 2001.The Visa Company has set up its branches over eleven locations in India. The company is now extending and commencing more number of branches all through metropolitan cities in India. This initiative has come from the Opulentus to render worthy visa services to its clients.

Latest branches have modern infrastructure with counselors and staff who are highly experienced and talented, according to an official at Opulentus

“Immigration aspirants have trusted them for many years. This could not be possible without the highly committed team who provide the best possible solutions to the clients”, said Manager Director at Opulentus

“Our main aim is to render every client with individual service and special attention. The high demand for immigration services by more number of immigration aspirants has encouraged us to extend our services”, as told by Managing Director.

There is a rise of demand for trust worthy immigration services as there is a growth in IT sector and their necessity for highly qualified and skilled workers. This has resulted in the growth of the specialized immigration services for the countries such as, Denmark, Canada, Australia and various other European courtiers.

Opuletnus latest branches are being started with an aim to serve the requirements of its clients. Company expresses its confidence in providing its clients with excellent solutions. Customers can visit their close by Opulentus office and understand the quality services that are being offered there.

About Opulentus- The visa company

Opulentus provides most practical and efficient solutions in visa immigration process for Denmark, Canada, and Australia etc. Opulentus can provide immigration solutions for students who wish to study abroad, entrepreneurs willing to start a new business abroad or a visitor on a general holiday visit. For any of these Opulentus is pathway to move abroad


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  1. Vikram Chanda

    I really appreciate the services delivered by Opulentus which made my visa process very simple. It has been a great experience working with you guys.
    Thanks Opulentus.

  2. Prabhakar

    I appreciate your team and recommend my friends and family members to consult your team for the immigration and visa process. Thanks for your guidance in my Denmark immigration process.

  3. Vamsi krishna 

    The expert team members of Opulentus complaints division are having great experience and patience in assisting clients and solving their general issues.

  4. Vikas Bhateja

    I consider that Opulentus is the reliable and apparent immigration consultant that was established in the year 2001.


    I have applied for Australia visitor visa, but it was rejected. I approached Opulentus complaints team they assisted me in immigration process to Australia.

  6. Md Sohail

    I would recommend Opulentus at any given point, for their brilliant services, and the information they provide like visa status, updates and documents.

  7. Shareef

    I got my visa. Communication between the client and the officer was remarkable. Keep it going Opulentus , you’re doing your best.

  8. Suryakant Ghadi

    Thanks a lot to the Opulentus team in getting me the UK visa and keeping me inform regarding the change in the updates or format.

  9. Gopalakrishnan

    I liked the way how Opulentus immigration team has worked on my case. I would definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you.

  10. Sahil Gupta

    My Denmark immigration process was successful with the support and assistance rendered by you guys. I would like to say thanks to Opulentus for employing such expertise immigration team. Moreover, the complaints department of Opulentus was of great help to me. Thank you very much.

  11. Abhijit Mayekar

    When visa agents were the only alternatives to get visa as not many knew of steps involved in immigration, Opulentus came in as a boon. It’s probably the first visa company in India.

  12. Vikrant Halgali

    I came to know from my experience that the team at Opulentus has all the required information regarding the immigration rules of each respective country. I would definitely recommend Opulentus for all the ones planning to migrate overseas.

  13. Sugeet Sarda

    Opulentus has the best professional and experienced team who is highly qualified and know how to tackle the problem exactly.

  14. Deepthi

    Thanks to the Opulentus team who helped me in getting my tier 1 visa, you’re the best visa services I have ever experienced and I strongly recommend everyone to avail Opulentus visa services for any kid of visa processing.

  15. Anuj thosar

    The communication that Opulentus maintained between the case officer and the client was amazing. Was always updated with every single change. Thanks to my case officer and the Opulentus team for helping me with the entire process.

  16. Dron rathore

    Opulentus has done its best for processing my visa for Germany. Thanks to my case officer for being patient and providing me with the information.

  17. Prashil talwanker

    Cheers to the Opulentus team for helping throughout the process and making sure I get through the visa interview. Thanks for the entire training session that you provided for me which helped me a lot and gave me the idea of the processing.

  18. Abhijit kusale

    Opulentus team was very kind enough to explain every minute doubt I had. They were with me throughout the process and took care of my every single need which dealt with the visa processing. Thanks to the Opulentus team for the help.

  19. Atuldikshit

    Opulentus team follows a standard procedure for processing the visa, they do not opt for any kind of short cut methods for fraudulent methods.


    Thanks Opulentus for helping me out in getting my Australia Student visa. Special thanks to the whole team who have assisted me through my journey.

  21. Bidyut

    Opulentus offers expertise immigration services at unbeatable price. Thanks to the whole team who have handled my case.

  22. SumeetKumar

    Opulentus has helped my parents through the visa processing and made sure they carried all the required things for the visa interview. They finally got through.

  23. Nikhilsanghi

    I thank my case officer for taking extra care in my case and helping me all the while for the visa processing and the interview.

  24. anuj

    I am a diehard fan of Opulentus. They have tried very hard and worked a lot to get my application processed. Thanks a lot.

  25. ArjunSiva

    I have recently come across visa consultancy called as Opulentus visa services which offers immigration services with utmost care in all almost all the nations across the world.

  26. Ismail Zabi

    The immigration consultants at Opulentus are talented and highly experienced members in the immigration industry from past decade. I approached them for UK immigration assistance they helped me and I successfully acquired my UK visa.

  27. Mayank

    Opulentus immigration consultancy is Numero Uno visas, immigration and appeals, their fair dealings with clients and honest serve attracts every individual to procure their service.

  28. Robert

    Opulentus has given its best to me and I really appreciate their work. I would surely recommend them to my dear and near ones.

  29. Menon

    Opulentus visa services have helped me a lot with my visa. I thank the entire team and my case officer for the immense support.

  30. Anoop Singh

    Thanks to my case officer at Opulentus for providing me with the information. I am really happy with the work and the information was even useful for the visa interview.

  31. Sachin potdar

    The immigration consultants of Opulentus are highly educated and skilled professionals who know all the tacks of the immigration.

  32. Kshitij soni

    Opulentus case officer was always available; they cleared all my doubts and ensured that I was satisfied with whatever they provided, as they provided me with the best. Thank you.

  33. Praveen Vutukuri

    As soon as you lodge the application. The professional team of Opulentus assists you with utmost care from the initial stage of application processing to end.

  34. Sreeja

    I have a query left regarding Express Entry. My question is will there be a cap on the number of candidates admitted to the Express Entry pool?

  35. Arpitha

    The assistance from Opulentuz is memorable; it helped achieve USA student admission and visa application processing in on time.

  36. P K Sharma

    While, I was looking for best immigration consultants in India, for applying permanent residency in Australia, I found Opulentuz helped me a lot in getting my permanent residency visa and I’m grateful with their services.

  37. Soumyakanthi Ray

    Initially when I started my application, I was pleased that how the whole thing will get routed however, it was your team’s hard work that prepared all looking very simple and relaxing.

  38. Arora

    Recently, I applied for Canada Immigration and my application is in process for immigration to Canada, if it is failed; I wish to re-apply once by means of Express Entry. Is it a good practice?

    1. Rakhi

      If you have recently changed or updated your name no problem you can carry your new and old passport with relevant papers for verification.

  39. clarke

    over all a great journey. Highly informative and interactive team. I made the best decision to pick opulentus. Thank you for your great work!!

  40. Lalitha Bhavani

    over all a great journey. Highly informative and interactive team. I made the best decision to pick opulentus. Thank you for your great work!!

  41. Jayawardhan

    The way of dealing with customers is really impressive. They are really aggressive in the field of Immigration.

  42. Vamshi krishna

    I am impressed by the professional approach at Opulentus towards client communication, depth of knowledge, experience and making every communication crisp and clear. Special thanks to opulentus from Australia team, who has always been guiding me at every step and clearing all my doubts. I had been granted the visa. Many thanks, guys, you rock @ Opulentus.

  43. Antony

    The immigration process is like an alien to the layman like me. They help extensively with the form filling and document upload process. Customer service is excellent. Whenever I needed to discuss something, I dropped an email with the preferred time, and they would call me accordingly. I am jubilant with my experience with Opulentus. I will recommend it to friends, colleagues, and other family members.
    Thank you.

  44. Neeraj

    I would indeed be keen to recommend Opulentus as a migration agent for all friends/relatives who are interested. What is also noteworthy from the opulentus team is the dedication and commitment shown. They made me feel comfortable and are fully engaged. I look forward to the continued support from the team for what remains on my application. Well-done team and keep up the good work. My family and I well appreciate your effort.

  45. shubhan

    Dear Team

    Apologies for sending this feedback a bit late as I was busy with other things, being back to the office after a month long vacation in Canada.

    To begin with, I would like to thank you all for your constant support on my case to get this visa grant finally after approx 3years. Though it took a lot of time final result is what matters the most.

    We have gone through several ups and downs, faced several rejections and missed some opportunities as well to file the visa in the first place which increased the time duration to get this successful visa grant.

    I would take this opportunity to thank my case officer / person Mr. MANOJ , whom I discussed everytihng on email / phone calls to make this a success after several failures/glitches.

    It was him who gave me confidence that this time nothing would be missed and we can sail through, with success.
    He was really up to date on my case and there was no information delay from his end at all.

    Manoj was always ready with the next course of actions to be taken to finally make this a success.

    His knowledge of changing scenarios, dedication and in depth knowledge of my case had helped me in getting this visa.
    I would really thank him and the other team members of Australia team who worked in backend on my case to make this a success finally.
    Thank you all for all your valuable inputs and efforts. Really appreciated.

    I would also thank Opulentus management for taking quick action on my case after that serious glitch of missing SA SS and again getting my case back on track by giving it in good hands.

    Thanks to opulentus for all the efforts.

  46. Suraj

    I should convey my thanks to opulentus for support in getting me the Australia PR visa (Subclass 189). I am very much pleased with you service and encouraged some of my friends to use your services. Once again I thank you all for your support from the initial stage till visa approval.

  47. Mansukh

    The opulentus team helped me a lot, like in for the preparing documents, filling the application forms in a right way without mistakes, They guided me well in the process of visa application.Which is very important for any other visa consultant.The quality and time matter a lot including the customer-centric at post sale.

    Thanks to the team once again.

  48. Amiraj

    Hi Team of Opulentus

    Thanks to Opulentus in helping me to get the Australian PR successfully. The team was really helpful in providing the necessary information and guidance throughout the visa process. I would definitely recommend Opulentus to my friends who are looking for immigration assistance. Thanks a lot again. Keep up the good work.

  49. kashi

    Thank you Opulentus!!.

    Today I am very happy only because of the huge efforts that opulentus team has put on my profile. They have continuously followed me up for the last two years, even though the delay was from my side and they kept reminding me of the time left at each stage. Especially for the reference letters. This helped me a lot and I was able to upload all the required documents with their guidance out of my busy schedule in office.

    Thank you once again for making to get Australia PR and I have all my best wishes with Opulentus.

  50. Abhimanyu

    Thanks for the support provided to induce my Visa granted. it absolutely was incredibly short journey time on behalf of me to induce the visa.

    There is only 1 purpose I’d wish to mention relating to the method. to induce spouse equivalent medium certificate, it usually takes two months of your time. If this data is provided earlier, it’ll be useful to different candidates.

  51. Harikanth

    Apropos Opulentus it was always the surprising moment for me, they aspire for the client requirements and make sure that they clinch in all the aspects.

    On the priority, basis quality is the face for the opulentus, despite the hurdles due to the problem from the client regarding documents they have experts to explicit the situation to streamline the visa process.

    More ever the organized way in the hierarchy to take care of all the client needs, so that step by step procedure doesn’t make to as a client get confused.The immigration process is like unknown language to laymen like me, trust me because of these guys subconsciously I had learned some crucial points about immigration, huff which is not that easy .

  52. Karunya

    My intensified moment for the support and guidance received from Opulentus for the Canada visa process, exclusively I would like to mention some of the names in my opulentus review; Ashwini and her team who guided me from initial point to till the time I got visa got confirmed.Any business needed recurring business when they provide quality services to the client as well able to maintain customer centric; This immigration consultant is in my head as the priority to refer to my friends and family members. Also, I should convey my gratitude to my friend who referred me Opulentus for Canada Immigration process and for this wonderful life turning journey.

  53. Phani

    I would like to thank each and everyone in Opulentus who helped me in getting the Australia PR, and importantly I say my case officer who handled my case. He has been very helpful. With his professional attitude, clear communication and customer friendly approach I was pretty confident of the outcome of this process. At every stage, the team kept the constant eye on the application. The documents and information entered in the application were always reviewed thoroughly which allowed us to process an application without any rework. I appreciate the overall professionalism shown by the team in securing my VISA.

  54. Dinesh

    Hope my feedback at least add some value to the opulentus brand, I would like to share my experience I had through with these guys from past few months.

    I appreciate your efforts in the making to get Australia one of the milestones in my career; all this happened with the great efforts of my case officer with intense follow-up and motivated me at all the times whenever I get down.

    From the day one, my discussions with case officer is very smooth though I asked lots of questions he replied with lots of patience to complate the process in time, I thought I may not be able to proceed further, but with the help of your guidance at every step , it made very easy. Most important is , during this process , your approach was confident and positive and I remember in many cases , I lost my patience , but your positive , humble , polite approach to move forward really helped to go ahead.

    I also appreciate your knowledge of whole process , and once again a BIG thanks for all you have done.

    And , one more thing I would like to mentioned here that , you always have shown professionalism to get the things done and guide on every step , and now we are here , that I have PR for me and my family.

  55. Pratyusha

    My dream, my desire to immigrate to Australia and second most beaming was I received Visa in 5 months, all this happened because of Opulentus immigration consultants, this is the time to show my gratitude towards process team for guiding in all the stages, I think already my friend has become their client whom I referred and in future if someone planning to immigrate to abroad ill recommend to Opulentus.Once again my thanks for the kind of support throughout the visa process, hope job search team will help me in getting the Job.

  56. vadhanthi

    PR process along with Opulentus was very smooth. It was really appreciating always to get timely response and feedback on all the queries. Proper process on each step of visa was very well explained and executed. Case officers assigned were very active in responding and resolving my queries. I am very much satisfied with the services. Thanks for the help!! I had already referred one friend of mine to Opulentus and will refer more in future. The case officer is aware of complete history so sometimes its easy to interact.

  57. praneeth Kumar

    My journey to gain the visa grant is tremendous with the help of opulentus team, my heartful thanks for all, same time I would like to convey my apologies to whom with all showed my frustration and ill-mannered, this is happened not deliberately because I felt are you guys not bothered my case and time is getting killed,then I realised visa process is time taking process ultimately some factors, not in your bucket to regulate them .

    Despite my stupid behavior they gave me the value every single time , that is what client needed, and that puts organization top in the market.

    Few of them who dealt with my visa process Ashwini, Anil thanks you guys for being with me at the time my case situation is going worst.

    You guys just removed my perception called fake on this organization and I don’t have any complaints to showcase, thanks for making me sometimes to go through breathtaking situations ,I do not want that anymore just kidding.

    All the best team for your patience and excellent support.

  58. Ganesh

    Discipline and dedication by the opulentus team member show that customer has landed in the safe place, visa process is time taking process yet unpredictable to the client.One thing for sure if we have all documents and genuinely meet the criteria points we can get the visa, that is the reason this kind of patches can find out by authenticated consultants and present the solution to the client.

    Opulentus can get all the marks in this scenario; they informed me all the process step by step cleared all my queries. I will recommend Opulentus to all my friends, relatives planning to immigrate to abroad.

  59. Tripura

    I would like to say my congrats to all the members of opulentus who involved into make my journey successful for Australia PR.

    I am soo overwhelmed to be part of the opulentus immigration consultant, from sales to the process case officer everyone did their job in right way to keep the client visa process streamline.

    Probably in all the stages my point of contact my case officer, though few times issues came into existing, he found the solutions and alternative way instantly since he is a well-knowledged person, these kind of employees are the real asset to the organization.

    For the money I paid for each and every single penny, it is worthy.

    Thank you Opulentus team for the support and guiding at all the stages of the process.

  60. suraj sharma

    Hi Opulentus,

    I have gone through your portal, that made me sense that you guys are into Immigration since I am planning on moving to Australia on work or PR visa.

    I did B.tech and MBA in Marketing specialization, working with one of the MNC as a Business Analyst holding an experience of 4 years in Marketing, where I involve in sales and marketing dealing with USA and UK market, I am the point of contact to clients for my company.

    I always dreamt of moving to abroad for the better life,what are the opportunities for Marketing guy in Australia ,am I eligible to immigrate ?

  61. Murrari

    I am happy to speak about Opulentus and their team. Especially my case officer who had guided me a lot about which subclass I should Approach. After that, my partner and I feel agreeable. From that moment we are engaged more with Opulentus. The Entire Team of Opulentus is Knowledgeable and Honesty. They never mishmash the words what they had said to us. I am proudly feeling happy with Opulentus and their service. So I will tell anybody who is Interested to Migrate Abroad.

  62. Jayanth Kumar

    I can admit that why the brand like Opulentus one of the best Immigration consultant in the market.Professionalism and quality of the service that comes first in the head of the client who availed service from these guys.

    Coming to the process, they took care of my case from the time I paid the initial amount for IRR to till I got the Australia PR visa got confirmed, team members made my life ease in Immigrating to Australia.

  63. Sneha

    Pertain to the service by the Opulentus team is satisfying, in the entire process very cooperative and helpful, all the questions I asked and few of them very Idiotic, but with all the patience they cleared my queries in the minimum time, in future in case I need immigration service or to give reference,opulentus is my priority

  64. Harshad

    Initially, my EOI was applied in November 2016, almost for eight months nothing has moved forward because the particular occupation code has not opened in at any state, then after changing to NSW process got completed in four months.

    My visa was confirmed because of the Opulentus; I would like to convey my thanks to the whole team of opulentus and few employees from process team who handled my case with special care. I already referred opulentus to my cousin.


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